Archive Nidra

Let Ma Hold You


07/16/22 11:30 AM (26 minutes)

Live @ Om Shala (New Location)

During Saturday Hatha & Nidra

This Nidra practice was recorded on a Saturday Morning after the full moon of Guru Purnima and draws inspiration from some of my favorite teachers. I mention my teacher Uma and borrow some language from her teachings. The essence of this practice is held in the understandings gleaned from the least talked about and possibly the most powerful branch of Richard Millers work with Yoga Nidra, which is the exploration of non-dual tantric cosmology within the practice. And very notably this practice is inspired by my dear friend, teacher, and collaborator Shemaia Skywater whose singing bowls she had me borrow and are featured in the practice. Shemaia and I continue to explore the intersection of Yoga Nidra, Sound Bath, and ritual in monthly events and private sessions.

Basic Instructions > Dedication to Nidra Shakti Ma > Settling > Body Sensing > Bowl Sound Bath > Externalization

This practice was delivered to a group which had several returning students, skeptical new students, and other teachers. I kept the practice accessible while also pointing to the deeper realms of Nidra. I played the bowls for the room and thus both the bowls and my voice are robust in this live recording, which is perhaps my best capture yet of this style of practice. Due to the overall structure of this class containing postural yoga, compared to the other recordings in my archive, this recording for me has a more corporeal and visceral feel.

To be able to deliver a full dynamic and responsive Yoga Nidra practice as part of a coherent 90 minute yoga class including 50 minutes of asana requires nuance and grace. It has taken me a lot of practice, inquiry, and feedback to get to where now I am very pleased with the wholeness of the experience and my offering. At this point I have taught 100+ of these types of classes. This recording comes from a class I call Embodied Hatha Yoga which is an in person class I began in April 2021 and have ran weekly since. This recording is dedicated to the students and yogis who gathered to practice with me through the Covid Scenario. To these students who inspire me to and insisted that I continue to evoke the fullness of the power of Nidra Shakti every Saturday morning – Thank you for listening – Hari Om Tat Sat.