Saturday Hatha & Nidra

Saturday ~ 10:30 - 12:00 PM

$15 Suggested Price / notaflof

Om Shala (New Location)

101 H St, Arcata, California

Hatha Nidra

In this live and in person yoga class series we harness the magic that occurs when we choose to gather physically with the shared intention to generate wellbeing. We will explore mind/body practices including Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra. We will breathe, move, be still, and investigate how the timeless wisdom of Tantra applies to our present day enigma.

Class Structure: This class evolved to include both a Hatha Yoga practice followed by a full Yoga Nidra practice. Generally this 90 minute class has the first 60 minutes dedicated to Hatha and the final 30 minutes dedicated to stillness and rest in Yoga Nidra.

The practice of Hatha Yoga encourages energy to flow through the physical body. By combining awareness cultivation, breath, and movement while using biomechanical principles to intelligently explore various shapes (asanas) we develop a more dynamic and nourishing relationship with our body. The practice cleanses, purifies, and aligns the body and can help us develop mobility, strength, balance, and grace.

Yoga Nidra as a practice explores and utilizes the rich realms of awareness in between waking and sleeping. The practice consists of a series of simple guided meditations usually done in a comfortable supine posture. Yoga Nidra is simultaneously relaxing and enlivening; it leads to greater self understanding and receptivity. The relaxing nature of the practice is extremely beneficial for our nervous system and heals many of the effects of stress on the mind/body. This includes improving digestion, increasing the ease and quality of sleep, improving mental clarity and performance, and easing our ability to share and participate in the world around us.

What to bring: Om Shala is a nicely equipped ground level yoga studio which has mats, blankets and other props available for use. Even still, it can be nice to bring your own mat and props. With the extended Nidra practice in savasana it can be nice to have additional comfort items such as a favorite blanket or eye pillow. No specific clothing is required to practice yoga, but most people prefer to practice in clean comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. The room has been just above 70 degrees at class time.

Of note is that this Om Shala class is sliding scale $10-$20 and in my classes no one is turned away for lack of funds (notaflof). In addition to this, I personally offer first class free to anyone authentically interested.

You can pay cash or digitally at the studio, but Om Shala would love for you to Preregister Online.