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I already know how incredible and valuable yoga is, you may not. The only thing I require you offer is your heartfelt attention. It does not matter if you are local or just passing through town. Yoga is a treasure and it is an amazing gift I can give to people. So if you want to try a free yoga class with me you are welcome to.

If you have any questions about my classes or my pricing philosophy please:

Suggested Price

Inequality is pervasive in our current collective experience. I at times have felt like I could not afford the $15 suggested price I set for my own classes. But I do know that classes work the best when there is a direct 2 way energetic exchange between the teacher and the student. This is why I call it a price and not a donation. It is a suggestion because $15 does not make sense for everyone. I do not want monetary cost to be a barrier for practicing yoga with me. I also honor the tremendous value of group yoga practice and seek to create opportunities for true patronage of the practice tradition.

So if you have something other than money you would like to offer, would like to help, or have the resources and are interested in sponsoring a class or workshop I invite those conversations.


No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds . Group mind body practice traditions contain value that transcends money. Their wealth is held in the people who practice. As a steward and ambassador of these traditions I must be able to see past trivial societal barriers such as, "a couple of bucks".