Archive Nidra

Let Go and Rest


01/06/22 11:00 PM (23 minutes)

Live @ My House

This late night session at my house was delivered to my traveling friend Ryn and my partner Brooke. We had been talking and laughing for hours when we finally decided to settle down and rest. Notable for this recording is it is the first recording on this archive that does not have a strong wake up at the end. Also I recorded it sitting next to my PC and was able to filter the audio using Nvidia Broadcast which removes background noises. Often people comment on the quality of my voice while delivering Nidras and this recording clearly shows why. This recording is smooth.

Thematically this Nidra leans heavily on the concept of coherence while exploring aspects of Non-Dual Tantric Philosophy. It also plays with the qualities of receiving and softening.

Reaching back in my archive to release this Nidra 04/20/2023 over 15 months from its original recording. This session stuck with me but also required some editing due to the one moment where I really blasted off into the exploration and fumbled some words. I attributed this happening to the fact I delivered this Nidra sitting on my personal meditation seat.

Smooth Softening Settling > Himalayan Marma Rotation > Chidakash Dream Exploration Soft Dismount