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A Dream Delayed and now Realized: Monday Night Yoga Returns


Two years ago I was teaching a lot, helping many people, and I was about to start running my own classes. It was as close to starting my own business as I have ever gotten. Then suddenly it all stopped. Health officials decided for us that we needed to close our gathering and practice spaces, and required face coverings to come near our community. I missed you all so much, for so long.

But now that is over. My dear friends at The Arcata Presbyterian Church have invited me back. And thus next Monday March the 7th I will resume teaching weekly Monday Night Hatha Yoga classes in the beautiful upstairs gymnasium. Class will be from 6-7:30 to make things easy with the other job I am working. Class will include Yogic teachings and inspirations, pranayama (breathing), asana (postures), and a 10 minute savasana (rest). I am setting a suggested price at $15, but invite you to offer what makes sense to you. I don’t have any props yet so please bring your mat and a blanket to sit on.

Of important note is that there will be no mask or vax requirements to attend this class. Your vax status is your personal health information. And ultimately opening to the breath and releasing fear is central to yogic practice.

I invite you to come breathe with me again and to explore the tremendous benefits a group yoga practice brings.

Also to celebrate the reopening of my beloved practice space I will be offering a community Yoga Nidra practice this Friday March the 4th at 6:30. The Nidra practice will be about 30 minutes and the whole experience will take about an hour. Again, I have no props so this will be bring your own nest.

May all beings benefit,
Yogi Jeffrey

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