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First Newsletter


It has now been over 3 years since I began teaching public weekly classes so it seems a good time to start a newsletter. I plan to use this platform to communicate more effectively. I will use this email list as a way to announce new classes, upcoming events/workshops, notable additions to my free online Nidra Archive, when I am subbing for someone else, when someone is subbing for me, and other interesting things. You are receiving this email because once upon a time you signed my little email book that I bring to class.

I truly appreciate all of the people who have come to my classes over the years and I am honored deeply by those who continue to show up. Know that I have made many sacrifices to continue to share in this way and I have been constantly working to make this dance of teaching and practice a realistic long-term method of supporting myself and my community.

The light of awareness in me sees, knows, and honors that same light of awareness in you.

With Love,
Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky

Current Classes

Level 1 Hatha Yoga Arcata Presbyterian Church
Yoga Nidra HPRC HPRC Connection
Free Meditation Recordings Nidra Archive

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I am looking for short and long-term work related to Yoga, Meditation, Education/Kids, Hypnosis, Web Development/Tech, Construction, Service, Sports, and Beyond. Check out my online resume and please send any and all inquiries to jebsky@gmail.com .

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