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This 1 hr class is centered around a 30 minute resting meditation.The Yoga Nidra practice is framed with relevant teachings, info, and awareness cultivation exercises. You are encouraged to bring comfort items such as blankets or pillows and special items to place on the altar.

Yoga Nidra is a state of being where paradoxically you are both in a state of dreamless sleep and aware at the same time. To practice Yoga Nidra you lie still on your back and do your best to both stay awake and follow simple verbal instructions. The practice of Yoga Nidra is a form of mindfulness or guided meditation. Commonly the guided practices can include: body sensing, breath awareness exercises, awareness of opposites, subtle body visualizations, image visualization, and more.

Come experience deep relaxation and healing on many levels. Yoga Nidra helps support healthy sleep and good digestion while helping to improve concentration and creativity. Yogi's agree Yoga Nidra makes you feel awesome.

Archive Nidra Recordings

Name Datetime Teacher Length
  • Joy of Awareness
    10/11/18 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    32 minutes

    This 32 minute live heart centered Nidra recording begins with a nice NLP influenced settling process and an adapted Richard Miller style body sensing practice. It then moves through Satyananda influenced multi-sensory spot evocations into awareness of breath. This practice includes spacious amounts of silence throughout. The externalization process includes a strong rousing and experientially walks through the tantrik model of the “Nested Layers of Awareness” as explained in Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallis. The recording ends with and explanation of the concept of cid-ananda – the joy of awareness.

    This was the last Nidra I delivered before traveling to meet and train with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli at The 1440 Multiversity outside of Santa Cruz, California October 2018. Offered from the heart as a free class at The Humboldt Patient Resource Center Connection in Eureka, California

  • Still Silent Listening
    01/24/19 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    32 minutes

    This 32 minute Nidra practice explores stillness and silence and is inspired by my time as a middle school substitute teacher. It was recorded by Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky at the HPRC Connection on 01/24/2019. This was the first recording added to this archive and I believe it to be an excellent recording.

    Reading > Settling > iRest inspired Rotation > Peaceful Heart Lake Visualization > Breath Awareness > Feeling State Evocations > Dynamic Externalization.

  • Relaxation Practice
    01/03/19 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    32 minutes

    This practice recorded at the first HPRC Connection Nidra class of 2019 is designed to explicitly explore and induce relaxation. It was recorded with about 12 practitioners in the room and is very pleasant.

    Settling > NLP inspired Rotation with Nervous System awareness > 2 Opposites (Earth/Sky + Being/Doing) > Peaceful Heart Cave Lake Visualization with Feeling State evocations > Externalization.

  • Creative Spaciousness
    01/31/19 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    33 minutes

    This practice is inspired by the creative aspect of awareness itself and includes a communion with the energy of Mother Earth.

    It was recorded live at the HPRC Connection in Eureka, California for my dedicated Nidra class. It has a special quality due to the fact there was only one student present and that student is an experienced meditator and Nidra practitioner.

    Softness Settling > Fuzzy Intention > Himalayan Inspired Rotation > Breath Awareness/Counting > Open Chidakasha > Honoring Mother Earth / Being the living Earth > Aware of Awareness > Externalization

  • Terrestrial Elemental Wholeness
    03/07/19 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    31 minutes

    This truly special recording was captured on the eve of spring in a room filled with friends, returning students, and love. The practice explores our elemental composition as a way of connecting to our terrestrial nature and innate wholeness.

    Elemental Settling > Himalayan Inspired Rotation - Light of Conscious Attention > Opposites (Water + Fire) > Terrestrial Evocations - Earth into Space > Externalization

  • Girl Named Sally I
    04/04/19 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    30 minutes

    Delivered to a small group including a Nidra newbie and a pregnant mother this Nidra draws on almost countless inspirations. The name of the Nidra refers to the multi-sensory evocational portion which is presented as a story about a girl named Sally. The settling has language borrowed from Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, the sensing and evocation draws inspiration from Swami Janakananda, the story is a NLP hypnotic metaphor, and Non-Dual Tantrik philosophy and cosmology informs and inspires the whole practice.

    This is a really nice 30 minute live recording and was the first full Nidra practice I delivered after a month traveling and being with family.

    Permissive Settling > Himalayan Inspired Rotation > Sensing of Spaces Between > Opposites (Being + Doing) > A Girl Named Sally Multi-sensory Evocational Story / NLP Style Hypnotic Metaphor > Joy + Ease > Externalization

  • Spacious Emergence
    05/30/19 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    36 minutes

    This 36 minute recording includes a ~31 minute heart centered practice followed by an original poem and comes from the end of my favorite month of the year - May. As usual the practice draws from multiple lineages and inspirations. Notably I borrow some language from Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and the rotation has elements derived from the Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra exploring the body as space.

    Settling > Rotation (Body as Space) > Opposites (Full + Empty) > Archetypal Spot Evocations > Simply Being > Anchoring Ease > Externalization > Poem

    Note: This recording has some sound artifacts (Breathing + a low hum) for about the first 5 minutes and then it mellows out nicely.

  • Settled and Centered
    11/07/19 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    26 minutes

    This live recording was captured the week following the autumnal time change. Thus it was the first class of the year where we began when it was dark outside, giving the practice a unique quality. This Nidra was designed to be accessible to those in the class who arrived rather preoccupied and thus is also a great choice for beginners.

    Settling > Rotation (Right, Left, Back, Shoelace to Heart) > Heart Breathing > Archetypal Natural Evocations > Feeling State Explorations > Externalization

  • Silent Miracles
    01/16/20 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    33 minutes

    The most unique quality about this live nidra session was the stillness in the room. It was a fair sized group of over 10 nidranaughts and I remember near the end realizing that nobody had moved or even really made any noise. In retrospect this is sort of surprising due to the fact that this is not a snoozer and rather is a semi-lively practice.

    I realized how special this recording was after having an extremely auspicious session with it during my February 2020 trip to the Oaxaca coast in Mexico. I am happy to add it to the archive as my "first contact" in the time of covid-19.

    NLP heavy settling > Classic Richard Miller Intention > Himalayan Rotation > Sensory Exploration > Breath Awareness > Multi sensory Evocations > Pure Being > Externalization

  • Web of Life
    03/12/20 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    33 minutes

    On March 12, 2020, after having spent the last 5 years completely dedicated to practicing and developing the skills and wisdom required to induce an experience of radical healthfulness, healing, freedom, and wonder person to person, I walked into The HPRC Connection knowing that it was going to be my last opportunity for some time to make and share some the most meaningful art I have ever created.

    I was more than ready. As is often the case, I was inspired to the point of tears on my drive to Eureka. There is nothing I believe in more strongly than the value of Yoga Nidra.

    I am so grateful for the one student who showed up that day to my free weekly class I had been running for almost 2 years straight. She was very excited for her second nidra practice with me.

    A recording can only be a tiny glimpse of what it is to practice nidra in a live setting with other humans right there next to you. It is a most precious gift and as my teacher Uma pointed out, if your heart is right, the Nidra Fairies always have your back. There really is no better explanation for all the completely magical shit I have seen.

    From the lifelong insomniacs who now sleep fine to spontaneous cessation of chronic pain to environmental sounds that humorously respond to my words and all of the multitude of seemingly unrelated health improvements my students confidentiality attribute to the practice, the abundant magic of Yoga Nidra for me has completely invalidated any conventional model of health and healing based on objective measurement or linear thinking.

    The human being's ability to heal and generate health is quantum and boundless and in my research it seems to be aided the most by close proximity to other beings where we are able to share the embodied experience of loving and being loved. Another thing that helps is seeing other people smile.

    Fortunately, sometimes a glimpse of magic is all you need. Just to remember that it is real, to remember you are the magic, you are a miracle, just the fact that you are alive and aware is astounding.

    This recording is special. It simultaneously contains both my boldest innovations in the practice and the wisdom, sensibilities, and language of my teachers who came before me. I find it important to note that I did not plan or write any of this beforehand. The process for creation is: talk to the student, see the student, lock the door, pray for grace, dig deep, and let er rip.

    This may not be the best practice for beginners as it is rather evocative in all the right ways. Yoga Nidra is my prayer. It is my medicine walk. I offer this recording for free for the benefit of all beings. May it help you practice sovereignty in your health and wellbeing.

    Settling Explorations > Rotation > Heart Breath > Web of Life > Feeling State Evocations > Externalization


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