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Yogi Jeffrey Update Spring 2020


I am sorry I have not reached out sooner. I very recently finished my first of three terms in the CalStateTeach credential program for teaching primary schools. My experience in this program thus far, as you might imagine, has been way more than I bargained for. I truly never allowed myself to get so busy in my life. But now with the completion of this term I can turn my focus onto other people and projects.

Know that I miss and deeply value each and every one of you

In this time of isolation I am healthy, well, and my basic needs are covered. So far I have struggled the most in that my view of the doctrine of "social distancing" is significantly different from the mainstream accepted and mandated viewpoint. This has made it hard for me to want and come forward to offer support to others.

I will say publicly now to those who care to hear that I fully believe that this experiment we have been subjected to known as "social distancing", this lockdown, has already caused more harm than the virus ever will.

As a yogi I do not care about the economy. As a yogi I can see clearly the socio-emotional hellscape that so many millions of people have been sentenced to. And as a yogi I practice and pray for a realistic and healthy relationship with death. These things and more have me rather wound up.

I pray for the children, the abused, the forgotten, the depressed, the broken, the abandoned, and most of all for those with no capacity to understand what is going on right now. I pray for the billions of us.

For the benefit of all beings in the next week I will be publishing some recordings and will begin adventures into livestream public yoga.

I will publish first one full 75 minute audio hatha (postural) class recording perfect for those used to listening to my verbal cues, and one standout 30 minute nidra (rest/meditation) class recording.

I am planning my first livestream nidra class possibly Thursday 4/30 @ 5:30pm pacific. I plan to host optional interactive portions before and after the practice on zoom and I plan to stream the practice both on zoom and on twitch. Expect another email about this soon.

I also (as usual) am interested in new avenues for income so please keep me in mind.

And please ignore the weekly classes below. These are the classes I would be teaching if the spaces were not closed.

Weekly Classes

Level 1 Hatha Yoga Arcata Presbyterian Church
Yoga Nidra HPRC HPRC Connection
Free Meditation Recordings Nidra Archive

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I am looking for short and long-term work related to Yoga, Meditation, Education/Kids, Hypnosis, Web Development/Tech, Construction, Service, Sports, and Beyond. Check out my online resume and please send any and all inquiries to jebsky@gmail.com .

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