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In Person Yoga Announcement


It has been roughly one year since I have taught any public in person yoga classes. This will change next Saturday. While I acknowledge not everyone is ready to practice in person, the new Om Shala space has been diligent with the county and is currently authorized to host classes with up to 8 students.

The new Om Shala space is located off South G St in Arcata (101 H St) and is a ground level fairly large recently renovated room featuring tall ceilings and natural light. I am choosing to start again with a 1.5 hr Saturday class to allow for the focus and depth I want as I begin teaching again. The class will have a solid Hatha practice and a full savasana with Nidra. The first 3 weeks will be from 3 – 4:30 p.m. and I am setting a $15 suggested price. After these first classes am looking to start the class earlier in the day. As this class is limited in size I will be handling preregistration. To register just simply email, call or text me.

I will be reserving the slots for my email list and referrals through this Tuesday and on Wednesday I will open registration to the Om Shala community. I am very happy to be able to get back in the studio and as this year progresses I hope to be teaching more.

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