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After having spent a good bit of time east with family I am back in Arcata. I am ready and available to teach yoga again. This Saturday the 16th I will be back to teaching a weekly 10:30 a.m. class in the new Om Shala space http://www.yogijeffrey.info/class/saturday/

As I again set up my life and figure out where my income is coming from I would love to teach more yoga. This could come in the form of private in-home classes or more pubic or semi-public classes. I am looking to fill the time between now and the end of the year with more yoga and you can help. I am looking for sponsors/patrons to subsidize or prepay for public classes so I could potentially reserve days of the week for yoga instead of the less glamorous forms of employment I otherwise rely on. If you were to help me establish a new class you could also be central in the planning/scheduling process. Also if you are a part of any group that would like a class let me know.

It warms my heart when I get to practice with a familiar face and I do so hope to get to practice with you soon. Be on the lookout for an upcoming announcement of a more digital variety detailing my new Nidra recording project.

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I am looking for short and long-term work related to Yoga, Meditation, Education/Kids, Hypnosis, Web Development/Tech, Construction, Service, Sports, and Beyond. Check out my online resume and please send any and all inquiries to jebsky@gmail.com .

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