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Hatha Yoga - Connection and Hip Articulation

08/03/17 05:30 PM (73 minutes)

Live @ Arcata Presbyterian Church

During Level 1 Hatha Yoga

This is a classic live recording of a Hatha Yoga that I am publishing to support my students at home due to the covid-19 response. This recording is from the very beginning of our classes at the Arcata Presbyterian Church and it was a night I was subbing a level 1 Anusara class for my teacher Robyn Smith.

She was beginning a chakra series and this class was for the 2nd chakra and is themed around connection. I cut the recording to start after I had just done a short talk and it begins with the centering. Practice includes savasana.

If you have a history of practicing with me you should be able to follow the verbal cues without issue.

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