Yoga Nidra Lab

Monday ~ 11:00 - 12:00 PM

$10-$20 sliding scale

Om Shala Yoga

858 10th St Arcata, California


This 1 hr class is centered around a 30 minute resting meditation. The Yoga Nidra practice is framed with relevant teachings, info, and awareness cultivation exercises.

This is the Monday morning nap you always wanted. Yoga Nidra is an extremely easeful and effective yogic practice for facilitating nourishing rest and rejuvenation. The practice of Nidra tends to bring about a deeply beneficial neurological and energetic reset along with an obvious shift in the quality of your moment to moment being.

The intention of this “Lab” space is to explore the many styles and applications of Nidra while creating a unique practice appropriate and custom designed for those in attendance.

In a world dominated by corporate patriarchy to rest is a revolutionary act.

Archive Nidra Recordings

Name Datetime Teacher Length
  • Settled and Centered
    11/07/19 05:30 PM
    Yogi Jeffrey Balinsky
    26 minutes

    This live recording was captured the week following the autumnal time change. Thus it was the first class of the year where we began when it was dark outside, giving the practice a unique quality. This Nidra was designed to be accessible to those in the class who arrived rather preoccupied and thus is also a great choice for beginners.

    Settling > Rotation (Right, Left, Back, Shoelace to Heart) > Heart Breathing > Archetypal Natural Evocations > Feeling State Explorations > Externalization


I am coming 12/16/19

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